• Computational micromodel for epigenetic mechanisms.

      Raghavan, Karthika; Ruskin, Heather J; Perrin, Dimitri; Goasmat, Francois; Burns, John; Centre for Scientific Computing and Complex Systems Modeling, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. kaghavan@computing.dcu.ie (PLosOne, 2010-11)
      Characterization of the epigenetic profile of humans since the initial breakthrough on the human genome project has strongly established the key role of histone modifications and DNA methylation. These dynamic elements interact to determine the normal level of expression or methylation status of the constituent genes in the genome. Recently, considerable evidence has been put forward to demonstrate that environmental stress implicitly alters epigenetic patterns causing imbalance that can lead to cancer initiation. This chain of consequences has motivated attempts to computationally model the influence of histone modification and DNA methylation in gene expression and investigate their intrinsic interdependency. In this paper, we explore the relation between DNA methylation and transcription and characterize in detail the histone modifications for specific DNA methylation levels using a stochastic approach.